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  1. Thanks Jeff. Great research. Interesting to hear the story of William King and his impact on the area. William and family and their contributions to Homestead seem to have been lost until you returned them to the light.

  2. It is very interesting to learn the history of the people that lived in early Homestead. I enjoy reading about the people the roads are named after. My parents moved to Homestead in 1954 and I spent my first 50 years living in the area.

    As a child, I lived on Rose Road (S.W.316 street )…Could you tell me who that road was named after?

  3. I don’t know who Rose Road was named after. I suspect it was someone in the families of the developer, Kerr & Williams, who replatted Floral Park in 1956. The land was originally platted in 1926. I inquired of John Fredrick, Jr., whose father, John, Sr., lived on Rose Road also. Perhaps he will be able to offer some insight into how the road came to be named.

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