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William D. Horne Comes to Homestead — 7 Comments

  1. This article is flawless and I see no cause for upset by anyone on anything mentioned here. I made myself read it twice just to be sure.

  2. Thank you for your article. Its great to hear of my grandfather’s ventures. Amazing how far Homestead has come to be.

  3. I reckon I’m one of the few of his great-grandchildren who takes such an extraordinary interest in his achievements and history. Thank you, Jeff, for writing a great article.

    • I’m one of his great grandchildren too. Great to read about the history of our family. Stumbled upon this article searching for history of Homestead and Campbell Drive. My Daddy, William R. Jr., God rest his soul, always talked about how his grandfather came to Homestead with Ida.

  4. I actually live in the Horne house at present as a tenant and have been very curious about the history of the house and families involved: Horne and Campbell. I was very pleased when I found this article. Currently the house across the street is Ruth Campbell’s old residence, which is in a complete dilapidation state of sad existence, despite having family members currently living in the house.

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