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Russell F. Tatum – Homestead’s 1st Mayor — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for your information. I find it so interesting to learn where the names of streets, schools and other public places came from. Please keep up the good work.

  2. What an influence this man had on Homestead in the short 8+/- years he was here. I will forever remember the name ” Lucy Tatum” when I drive down Lucy Street!

    Thank you again for another treasured time capsule.

  3. As usual, Jeff, you have factually documented an important part of Homestead/South Dade history about this important character in early Homestead. Certainly learned a lot about things I recall hearing pieces of from my grandparents Pearl and Frank Skill about early Homestead. Oh, how I wish I had known enough to ask more questions while they were alive. This fills in so many gaps in my knowledge and will help others understand in the years to come. Thank you, Jeff!

    • Thank you, Frank. I’ve lost some subscribers, probably due to the denseness of my articles, but my intent is to build a foundation for other researchers to further investigate topics in the history of this area.

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