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  1. “A son, Herbert Milton Hunter, was born to them in 1925. In the 1970s, he operated Milton’s Hair Salon in Homestead.” Do you know if this could have been the barber shop that was located on Krome Ave. next to the Seminole?

  2. Always interesting, Jeff.. Thanks for all your diligent work in ferreting out the details, twists and turns, sorting fact from fiction.

  3. Good work Jeff. If you take a look at the 1910 census, the April 25 sheet, you will see Mamie Williams, Black, with two children ages 9 and 7. If you look at the group photo in front of one of three small dwellings at the Pioneer Museum, you will see two children. I couldn’t find a Black family with two children on the other census sheets. The three small dwellings are shown on the 1926 Sanborn map just north of Palm Drive, east of the busway.

    • On page 7-A of the 1910 census for Enumeration District 15, taken on April 25 by Theodore R. Kuntz, there are men, women and children labeled as Mulatto and Black from lines 19-31. The people listed on lines 15-18 are White and lived in the Modello area, as did Seaman Murden and his family, on lines 32-35. Of the 10 men listed, 5 were cutting timber, 3 were farmers and 2 were laborers. Three women were laundresses, 1 woman was unemployed and there were 2 children. They were not in Detroit.

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