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  1. Here are all 7 Tatum children by order of birth Bunyan G. Tatum (1857 in Gilmer, Missouri-1876 in
    Gilmer, Missouri), Judson H. Tatum (1859 in Ga.-1923 in Miami), Villa Virginia Tatum-Mosteller
    (1861 in Ga- 1926 in Ga.? is buried in Orange Fla.), Bethel Blanton “B. B.” Tatum (1864 in Ga.-1943 in Ga.), Johnson Reed “J.R.”– 1866 in Ga.-1938 in Miami), Webb K. Tatum (1868 in Ga.- 1901 in Ga.), Smiley Mostelles Tatum (1870 in Ga. – 1935 in Miami) **Note Aarons middle name Sherriff comes from his mother’s maiden name “Sheriff”

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