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  1. Interesting article about the characters who inhabited and had a substantial influence on South Dade. Thanks for documenting facts about this person and his effects on the region.

  2. Another fine job, Jeff. Thanks for making the time. I’m wondering if there is a convenient source — USDA, Florida Department of Agriculure, local records — that would indicate the annual cultivation of various crops in Dade County by acreage and yield (tons or bushels). I’ve always thought that tomatoes dominated farming in South Dade, but your articles have revealed a much greater variety of crops. Sounds like some earlier farmers were experimenting with lotsa stuff (e.g., papayas) but eventually zeroed in on the things that were most in demand and most profitable.

    • Thanks Jeff for another informative look into our history here. Although being born and raised here, there is a lot of history of our area that I don’t know. As for you Edison McIntyre we may know each other. I graduated South Dade High in 1969. Edison, what about you?

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