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  1. Thanks, Jeff, for your exhaustive research that corrects earlier accounts of Dade County place names and individuals.

  2. Interesting research & article. Thanks for passing it on. As a kid from New York state, my family re-settled in the truck-farming sticks of south Dade County in 1958 when I was 11. It was quite a radical & wonderfully rich change for this little kid. We lived on Eureka Drive 200 yards west of Naranja Road. Went to Redland Junior High and South Dade High, where we were the SD Rebels, waved the Confederate flag and played Dixie at football games. I visited South Dade in the summer of 2022 and made the principal a bit uncomfortable with tales of his school in the early 60s.

  3. Fine job, as always, Jeff. Reading about people named “Richmond” and Peters” and associating them with certain places is illuminating. Thanks for your research and articles.

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