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    • There might be some relationship several hundred years ago, but David Fredrick, the father of David and John, was born ca. 1888 in Russia and emigrated to this country in 1910. He came down here from Sheboygan, WI in 1923. John S. Frederick was born in 1853 in Pittsburg, PA.

  1. Thanks, Jeff, great work as always. I thought perhaps this Frederick was related to Stephanie Polk’s mother, but not the same old Homestead family Frederick.

  2. I worked for Atlantic Fertilizer & Chemical Co. in the late 1960-1970’s. The President of the company was John M. Fredrick and his son, John Fredrick, Jr. Do you know though your research if they were related to John S Fredrick? I appreciate your writing on the history of South Dade.

    • There is no relationship that I am aware of between the Homestead Fredrick family and John S. Frederick. John S.’s father, Thomas, was born in Ohio in 1825 while John M. Fredrick’s father was born about 1888 in Russia.

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