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  1. Once again you have been relentless in search of a great story. I would need a Venn diagram to sort it all out . Thanks for all you do to document Homestead’s history.

  2. Great job on the research and article, Jeff. As you are probably aware, William Ogden was the nephew to the first mayor of Chicago and also operated the Ye Wee Tappie Tavern in downtown Miami.

  3. I enjoy your historic hometown articles…they jog many cherished memories. I grew up next to the George Brooks service station & store, at the corner of Kings Highway & Krome Avenue (1945-1959)..then my family later moved to Homestead Gardens (1959-1963). Your posts bring back many found child-hood memories. After seeing the evolution of South Florida, those were definitely the “Good Old Days”. I will cherish them forever. I now live in Nebraska, an enjoyable part of our great Country reminiscent of the best family values of historic Homestead. Thank you for your diligence. Go Rebels & Go Huskers!

  4. Always takes my wife and I back to our town when we read your articles. It’s the regular people who made Homestead and it’s great to hear their stories.

  5. Thank you, Jeff for your article. I was born in Homestead in 1956 – moved away in 1969. Any ideas for articles on that time frame? I had some good friends – the Heisterman family. They owned the Caribbean Motel and we played baseball for the City /Little League. First National Bank, great memories of Homestead. Delivered newspapers and lived close to the newspaper office. The name slips me. We lived at the Homestead Trailer Park at S. Krome and 4th St.

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