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Charles H. Gossman

Charles Gossman was one of the earliest settlers in the Redland area. This is a transcription of an article he wrote for the Homestead Enterprise in 1918. I added some clarifying information to the article.

Grossman Hammock

Grossman Hammock, later known as Chekika State Park and now a part of Everglades National Park, was purchased by Samuel Grossman in about 1925. His big plans were interrupted by the crash of the real estate market, starting in 1926. This is the story of Grossman Hammock.

George W. Kosel

The Schaff and Kosel Houses

Real estate speculation has been one of the foundations of South Florida since the beginning. The official machine of this area is the bulldozer. Tearing down “old” buildings and erasing history is a routine activity and the Schaff house was a victim of that mentality.

Daniel M. Roberts

Daniel M. Roberts filed his claim in 1900 and built the house that still stands on the south side of Coconut Palm Drive just east of Roberts Road, which is named after him, not the Roberts clan from Flamingo. This post is a transcription of an article published in the Homestead Enterprise in 1918 with footnotes added by the poster.