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The Story of Epmore Drive — 10 Comments

  1. Amazing what you continually find about the history of Homestead and surrounding areas. Always enjoy reading about the area and especially when it mentions the contributions my grandfather, J D Redd and my father, Carl S. Anderson made. Thank you, Marian Anderson Adams

  2. Amazing detail chronicling Homestead area’s history. Thanks Jeff for the detective work in finding out the why, where and how of these early entrepreneurs and the building of civilization in South Dade.

  3. Great writing, Jeff. I know you put a lot of research into it. I envy your patience and talent to research and write. Homestead, Dade County and the Keys have some great history. When growth invades areas it buries the past. The new residents have no idea of the past. In most cases, they don’t care because they are transient and will be until retirement. I could go on but I want to leave the writing to you. Again, great job!

  4. Love all that history. My grandfather Raymond John Barrows was from the Boston area as well and went farther south to Cuba and helped develop that country. I noticed a pattern of Boston men going all over the world to make life better for everyone. I now live in the Homestead area, a few blocks from the site that this article is writing about and am amazed at all the hard work these people did in those early times. Thank you, sir, for posting to honor all those good men of adventure. God bless.

  5. I was raised in Homestead/Florida City area. Lived on Tower Road across from the Naval Pumping Station. My Father was a Charter Boat Captain in Flamingo until his death. So learning history about the small farming community that I grew up in is very exciting to me. Thank you for your hard work.

  6. My family moved to south Dade in 1958 from a suburb of NYC. We lived at the corner of Eureka Drive & Naranja Road, now a Publix shopping center! Your histories are very interesting. The move was a shock for this 11-year-old kid. But I learned to love the place and had a great childhood and many wonderful adventures. Keep up the good work.

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