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  1. Great story Jeff. You accurately bring to life the people and the times of the old days. Growing up in South Dade in the 50’s and 60’s I was intrigued by the old buildings, houses and names associated with them. I was curiously interested in “ancient history”. It’s interesting to note that the time differential between growing up and Pioneer Days is no different from my childhood and now. Great, I’m a living relic of “ancient history”. Nothing seems all that long ago when one looks at it that way.

  2. Very informative article Jeff. Adding the visuals was very helpful. I wonder where would Naranja be now? Was it an incorporated city?

    • Naranja was never an incorporated town or city. It is now the area along U.S. 1 from about S.W. 272 St. north to S.W. 264 St.

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