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Telephone Companies in Early Homestead — 8 Comments

  1. Another informative, interesting article out of Homestead/Redland past. For a time, the service was only local. Not until later was a long distance line through Miami established. Great job, Jeff.

  2. Good story, Jeff. How about that long white wooden building behind what was Breeding’s Drugstore? The front door was often open to view a small crowd of operators plugging wires into holes in their wall. Our number was 223. Hope to see you soon. Bill

    • Hi Bill – the white building behind Breedings on 2nd St. was the Southern Bell central office until 1955 or 1956, when they moved to Civic Court. Prior to the 2nd St. location, the office was in a wooden building on the south side of N.W. 1st St., west of Brown’s Drug Store. I’ve not researched this history – I’ll have to add it to my long list of articles to write!

  3. That was my great grandfather. I was told he fought in the Spanish-American war and charged San Juan Hill and that my Uncle John had his sword.

      • I was also told that I had 2 great grandfathers in the 1st council meeting for the city of Homestead in 1913. It was true – I downloaded the hand written minutes from city archive – it was Mowry and Free.

        • Leonard S. Mowery was present and voted in the meeting called to incorporate the Town of Homestead on January, 1913. He was not elected to the position of Alderman, however. The City of Homestead was incorporated in 1923, a distinction often not noted by people. There is a legal difference between a town and a city.

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