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  1. My mother would tell me stories of her maternal grandfather Walter Frazeur being murdered and her grandmother, living to be 98 or so, having raise 4 children on her own. My mom remembered her always walking quite fast and being very strong till she fell and broke her hip…my mother’s mother was named Gertrude Adele Frazeur. I was also told stories about “Aunt Thelma” and what a shrewd woman she was, it was believed that she got her hands on a lot of her brother’s money and not much of it got to his wife (as the story goes)…I do not know if these are the same people, but it would be interesting to find out. I know very little about that side of my family.

    • Yes, the people you write of are the same people as in this post. I updated the post to add links to the memorials for Walter G. and Ora Benning Frazeur on FindAGrave. If you have any other information on these people, I would be happy to add it to the post.

  2. I am Arlena’s cousin and knew Aunt Thelma. It is wonderful to know some of the facts I could not find anything about! Please keep me posted to any more information you find. To hear these stories and find out more specific information is a gift to me and our family! Great Grandmother Frazeur was a wonderful, church going person and I love her very much! Thank you so much for your research! My daughter has her middle name!!

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