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The House That McNeill Built — 17 Comments

  1. Thank you, Jeff. Interesting and well done! You are doing important work! Press on!

    “A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday does not know what it is today, or what it is trying to do.” ~ General R. E. Lee

  2. You’ve done it again Jeff! This is such good research and the City should take an interest in these articles and in the preservation of its historic built environment. My mother, Evelyn Smith, and her brother, Lester were in that 1933 class at Homestead High School. I knew Miss McNeil as a Sunday school teacher and regular fixture at the Methodist Church.

  3. Thanks, Jeff, for another great and interesting article. It is sad that I lived in Homestead for so long and never even thought about many of the things that you research and publish. I find them very interesting now and look forward to the next one.

  4. Great to see you back Jeff. Nice article and great research. I hope you will keep digging and sharing. I agree with Susan’s comments. Many thanks. Ed

  5. Thank you, Jeff, for this very informative article. Brought me back home quickly. Remember Miss Mary from church every Sunday and from Brooker Lumber Co. My father W. B. Mills was also a bookkeeper at Brooker’s. My mother Margaret Mills was a teacher at Neva King Elementary. My teacher in the second grade.😊 Have wonderful memories of growing up in Homestead. Would love to go back to the 50’s & 60’s!

    Best wishes to continue the history hunt,
    Anna Margaret Mills Peele

  6. The Cloninger Castle/Pearse Walker home is one of my favorite structures ever. I have taken quite a few photos there, both that I shot or that have me in them!. Just yesterday I wrote a ‘script’ for a promotional video of the area and mentioned that building. I love the McNeill house too, and coincidentally I used to own the McClure house at 1260 NW 9th Street right off of 187th & Campbell Drive. I miss it…

    • I know of a McClure house at 18470 SW 296 St. but I was not aware of the house you mentioned. What was the full name of the McClure who built the house? The house I mentioned is also known as the McClure/Ballard home.

      • When we moved back to Homestead after college graduation (1968), we lived at 17250 SW 296th street, in the middle of an avocado grove owned by the Caves family.

        • You wouldn’t happen to have a photograph of the house, would you? I’d love to have a copy of it for my files.

          You won’t be surprised that the avocado grove is gone and the property has been subdivided into building lots with very expensive houses on them. The property belonged to Albert R. Caves and his wife, Carrie Johnston Caves. She was the daughter of H. Wallace Johnston and his wife, Rose Phillips, who owned Tropical Lodge.

  7. Hello Jeff,
    Pearse Walker was my great uncle. My mother spoke of her uncle leaving Canada and settling in Homestead, but I had no idea about the history of his house.
    Thank you for this information about Coral Castle.

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