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Daniel M. Roberts – Early Pioneer Tales — 13 Comments

  1. Thanks for researching and making these storied of the old Homestead Country available in easy-to-read and understand language, Jeff.

  2. Thanks, Jeff, always interesting and well researched histories. Interesting that droughts and freezes are nothing new and the people are so resilient and adventurous-resourceful.

  3. Growing up on Bauer Drive between Roberts and Redland roads brings back many fond memories. Was Dave Roberts related to Dan? He caught my brother Fritz and I helping ourselves to a few of his loquats hanging near the road. He had a shotgun and asked if those were our loquats. They were just falling on the ground anyway. He laughed when he found out we were Fred Maas’s kids. He said “Hell, I would have shot you both!” We didn’t think it was so funny.

  4. Dan Roberts had two boys and three girls. One of the boys, Richard, died in an accident when he was a teenager, leaving Mason as the only surviving son. Mason moved to Venezuela during WWII and stayed there. Mason’s children know very little about their ancestors and because Roberts is not an uncommon name, I’ve not had a lot of success researching the family. If you know who Dave Roberts’ parents were, that would be helpful. The Roberts clan of Flamingo were from the same general area of Florida that Dan Roberts came from, but I do not know if they were related.

    • If you’d like, I can give your contact information to one of the descendants of Mason Roberts. They would be very happy to learn more about their ancestors.

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