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Forgotten Workers of Early Homestead I — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for this excellent post. Our oldest buildings are disappearing at a fast clip. It is most important to document information about our early residents that had an impact on our city.

  2. No surprise that the business district started along the railroad, but curious as to when and why it seemed to move to Krome Ave? Another great job of adding to Homestead history. Thanks Jeff.

    • It’s difficult, if not impossible, to determine when the first buildings were erected along Krome Avenue, but a good guess would be no later than 1909. As to the reason, I would suspect that the price of those lots might have been cheaper than the price demanded by the Model Land Co. for lots in their plat of the Town of Homestead. Edward Walbridge was the first to purchase land along Krome Avenue from the Model Land Co., which he platted in 1910. J.U. Free was the second, in 1911. Plats were often recorded after buildings were erected, thus the 1909 guesstimate.

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