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  1. Thank you. Excellent research on an early Floridian. This will add to our knowledge of the previous owner of a central part of Hollywood, Florida, in fact, Joseph W. Young, Jr.’s first purchase of land on which he would build his city. For more about Young and Hollywood, please see my book “Joseph W. Young, Jr. and the City Beautiful” by Joan Mickelson (McFarland, 100 images, index, bibliography).
    See my website – http://www.joanmickelsonphd.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks Jeff. Once again you have dug deep to reveal another little known story of Homestead and Dade County. One surprise to me was the location of Modello (now Dania). I always thought it was closer to Homestead near Perrine. Thanks again.

    • Susan, there were two towns named Modello. One was in Broward County and the other was just north of Homestead, at the intersection of Biscayne Dr. and U.S. 1. I believe the name of the Modello in Broward County was changed because of the confusion between the two locations, but I could be wrong.

  3. Great article, Jeff. As always interesting, and pointing out how those early “investors” in Homestead, came and went. What would they think of their town today, its growth thanks to their early risk taking. Thanks for all your effort researching these stories.

  4. Thank you, Jeff. I always love reading some history on my former hometown (1945-1988). We oldtimers are especially fortunate to have an historian who also loves our “old town!” Great job!

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