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  1. Jeff, this was quite nuanced and interesting! A while back someone came to me with old docs they had found with their grandparent’s estate. The items appeared to be early 1920s correspondence regarding sales of land tracts which at quick glance appeared to be within today’s Everglades National Park boundaries. Don’t recall if the ML&D Co. was the company on the letterhead. I’ll keep you in mind if I ever come across those again, I think they might paint you an interesting picture. Keep up the good historical work!

    • If the land in question was inside the current boundaries of ENP, the company in question was likely the Model Land Co., the real-estate holding company of the Florida East Coast Railway Co. I’d be interested in looking at the papers, though if they are Model Land Co. papers, they should be given to the Kislak Archive.

  2. Very well written and most informative. I had the privilege of meeting with Mr. Bill Sottile in the early 80’s and well remember him explaining how his family, aka South Dade Farms, was able to put so much land into AG production. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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