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The Detroit Ice, Light & Power Co. — 7 Comments

  1. I find these articles highlight a fascinating piece of South Dade history, and enjoy reading about the place where I grew up. I have learned many surprising facts, and often reconnect to some of the names that I recognize from my childhood. Thank you for your informative presentations, and all of your hard work in this endeavor. I look forward to receiving them, and wonder if this might also be shared with the local schools.

    • You’re welcome, Frederick. If you would like to tell local school teachers about this website as a potential educational resource, please do!

  2. Ice was a critical commodity in South Dade in the period before ubiquitous refrigeration. Jeff, you have laboriously documented (with great attention to references) this early period in Florida City, its relationship with farming and packing houses and their dependence on that critical commodity, ice. Thank you so much for your efforts on this facet of our South Dade history, as well as your other work to factually enlighten this time in Florida City, Homestead and surrounding Redland areas.

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