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  1. My grandfather, Fred W. Kahl, born in 1874, was a younger brother of Joseph Kahl, and my father Everette W. Kahl, (b. 1909 died 2009), eldest son of Fred and brother of Stanley Eldon Kahl, the father of Dean Kahl and Louise Kahl Young, remembers Rev. Joe Kahl when he came to live with the family of Fred on the farm in Hardin County, Iowa. According to him, Rev. Joe had been badly injured after being kicked in the head by a horse and needed a place to recover. I have not been able to verify that from other sources, but this was the story I heard as a child. Louise, Dean and I are all actively involved in the research into the family of Detlief Kahl, so you can feel free to contact me at any time if you would like.

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