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Detroit, Florida, in 1911 — 5 Comments

  1. Great presentation. Hats off to both Sheldon and Jeff for preserving our local history. The photos really add to the story. This will be a valued resource for many years into the future. Thanks to you both…. great work and thanks for sharing.

  2. Jeff,

    Keep up the great work you do, my friend! So much of our town’s history gets pushed to the roadside or bulldozed.

  3. I grew up and lived in Homestead from 1945 until I graduated from South Dade High in 1963. Now looking back…from my ranch in Nebraska, I never would have imagined the evolutionary changes, in that sleepy hollow town. I truly enjoy the nostalgic look-back into the distant past, as it rekindles fond old memories of a peaceful little town periodically rattled by a bunch of South Dade “Rebels”! Memories include avocado grove fights, annual Halloween Jr. vs. Sr. egg fight, riding our cars on the rails during the long FEC strike, and painting the area water towers with “Seniors or 63”. Just a few of the things us teenagers did to overcome the boredom!

  4. Thanks, Sheldon and Jeff, for this informative contribution to South Dade county history. I wish I had more of the story of my family. The photos are great. I like the documentation of not only the human activities (building, roads, etc) but also of the native landscape (pines, etc). These really gives a sense of what the area looked like. Thanks, Ella Mae with your Brownie, for the photos!

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