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  1. I continue to enjoy your research and the history of the Homestead, Florida area, where I grew up (S.D. Class of ’63). Like many others, I have moved away from the area; but still find a fascination with the roots of this community and the people who endured the hardships to stake a claim in the South Dade countryside. I look forward to these entertaining articles. Thanks for your GREAT WORK!

  2. What an interesting topic, Jeff! Great research. Thank you so much.
    BTW, my piano teacher was Annie Mayhew (Fitzpatrick), so I heard many accounts of early times in the Redland area. While visiting her aunt Frances Lewis, Annie Mayhew met Harvey Fitzpatrick in June 1907, since Harvey’s claim was adjacent to Miss Lewis’ homestead, just west of Harvey’s claim. They became friends and soon he was her escort to all the neighborhood parties. Annie and Harvey were married in 1914, and soon Annie was giving music lessons to children and some adults in South Dade.

    “Annie Elizabeth Mayhew was born July 23, 1880 in Park Head, Ontario, Canada to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Mayhew. She was taken by her aunt, Miss Frances Lewis, to Stanton, Michigan when she was a child. Annie graduated from Oberlin Conservatory of Music, and spent two years at the Royal Conservatory in Leipzig, Germany, where she was trained as a concert pianist. She taught music at a girl’s school in Memphis before coming to Florida in 1907.”

  3. Well, Jeff, when do you find time to sleep? This article was especially interesting to me since my house is on Ethel Booe’s original homestead. If you look at the old mango tree on the west side of my house, I think it was planted by Ethel.

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