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  1. Extremely well-researched, Jeff! These threads of local history often get lost and without the kind of in-depth research from people like you who are dedicated to the preservation of the past, our lives would be poorer indeed. Thank you for your willingness to share this with us. All the best.

  2. Great history lesson. My father, Dr. L. W. Stebbins, has told me some great stories about the Goulds canal. My great grandmother was Floretta Evans, owner of the Evans Hotel in 1911. I appreciate your sending this information to me.

  3. Very nice article. I grew up on 248th St. on the Goulds canal. I spent many days swimming in it back in the 50″s. I have a picture of the canal taken in 1924 that came from my grandfather, Clyde Sickle.

  4. Hello! I would appreciate being placed on your email list. My friend, Bob Rich, sent me this article, which is great, however, the wonderful photograph at the top has nothing to do with South Dade except that the F E C Railway freight train is just about to come off on Long Key Viaduct onto Long Key, which, of course, was and is Monroe County, not Dade. Again, thank you for a fine article.

    • I’ve added you to the subscriber list, Seth. The F.E.C. Railway passed through South Dade on its way to Key West, so I’ve included photographs of the railroad as part of the rotating header images. If you have any photographs of the F.E.C. in South Dade, I would be pleased to add them to the list of images that appear at the top of the website.

  5. Do I have any photographs of the FEC in South Dade? Do I have any photographs of the FEC in South Dade?!! Was the dead Pope Polish? Do chicken have lips? Do bears defacate in the woods. Damn, son, I was photographing the FEC in South Dade before you were born!! ( : > )). Now I’m gonna’ extort you! Soon as you finally come and visit us here at The Bramson Archive we will go through my FEC in South Dade photos (engines/trains/stations from Coconut Grove south to Florida City), timetables with all the So. Dade stations listed, brochures with info on the South Dade cities and towns served PLUS all of my original South Dade non FEC memorabilia from Homestead (second incorporated municipality in modern day (post 1909)) Dade County, Fla City, The Redland, tourist attractions and more. (Remember, I co-authored, with the great Bob Jensen, the history of Homestead) See you soon, bubbeleh. And above all, please stay safe. Cordially, Seth (America’s senior collector of FEC Railway, Florida transportation memorabilia, Miami memorabilia and Floridiana, last month having begun my 63rd year of collecting all this junque!)

  6. This is awesome information on the area I live in. Love It!! Did you ever get the pictures from Mr. Bramson, and if you did did you publish them on this website? Would love to see them.

  7. Hi Jeff,
    In the comment section of the Goulds Canal, Seth commented that he seems to have a treasure trove of pictures. It’s dated June 4th of 2020.
    I really appreciate your information. My son and I fish and bike all along this area and knowing what, when and why things were built is great information to share.
    I actually found your site because I was hunting around for old pictures of Black Point. I read the book Charlottes Story about a couple that lived on Elliot key for a year and it described Black Point as an area of commerce. I’m born and raised down here, but its really hard to find information and pictures of the area. Before all the houses started going up. I’m a firefighter for Dade County, tonight we had a car fire over by Roberts is Here…..well Lennar is starting to build houses and townhomes all around Robert is Here. Better grab your cameras and remember it in pictures.
    Sorry about the rambling on, awesome site!! A Huge Thank You!!

  8. Was John S. Fredrick (mentioned in the beginning of your article) any relation to the Fredrick family who lived in homestead? I was quite friendly with Dave Fredrick and his family who lived on Rose Road (SW 316 St.) My family lived on Rose Road just a few houses away from them in the mid 1950’s. I also remember his parents who lived in Homestead on First Ave not far from the library. They were of German descent, I believe.

    • Ron,
      No, John S. Frederick was not related to the Fredrick family in Homestead. The Fredricks in Homestead were from Russia and came here in the teens from Wisconsin. John S. Frederick was from Maryland, not that that makes much difference.

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