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Lilburn R. Nixon – Early Pioneer Tales — 1 Comment

  1. Thanks Jeff, this is really informative and entertaining post. When I think of those early days, the mosquitos come to mind but clearing the land must have been an ordeal that might have caused me to go back to where ever I came from…the jagged coral rock, the pitch of pines, the thin soil, I think they must have lived on hope! But for those who stayed for the most part it paid off. Is there an early description of how to set out a grove? Clearing the pine stumps and making a hole with a pick or a stick of dynamite… I’ve read historic novels about settlers farther north getting seedlings for citrus… so there must have been an early industry of cultivating seedlings, etc. There is so much that goes into developing a wild area… seems daunting to me today, are we made of the same stuff as those early pioneers?

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