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  1. Thanks for sharing, one of the best things about living in this area is being able to still visit a hardwood hammock. Most hammocks have been lost to development – only small patches of habitats are left in South Florida.

  2. Jeff, I hope you’ll be able to write a bit about the history of Redland. There was already a plural “Redlands” in California, so to avoid confusion, the early founders in Florida made a point that it would be called by the singular Redland. While many have used a plural form over the years, thankfully, the local media seem to finally be getting the word out that it is just called Redland.

    • Thank you for your comment, John. One of the most interesting results that I’ve experienced in writing about this area is that cherished beliefs are often rudely upset. So it is with the Redland/Redlands discussion. In the earliest newspaper accounts of this area, both words are used frequently and that never stopped. The origin of the current discussion about what is the right word to use started, I think, with a focus on the fact that the Redlands had a small community centered around the intersection of Bauer and Redland with a post office named Redland. Some people would like to insist that the entire area was called Redland. That was not and is not true. The community of Redland never took off, largely because of the existence of the F.E.C. Railway. The Seaboard Railroad arrived in the Redlands just in time for the Depression and never really made a lot of difference in the area. That is a subject that needs to be written about. Someday ….

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