Ann Josberger McFadden, who labored in the Florida Room at the downtown Miami Library for over 30 years compiling genealogical information in Dade County has very generously transferred the copyright to the Palms-Woodlawn Cemetery index to the Historic Homestead Town Hall Museum. This wonderful act ensures that a much larger group of people can access a document which may supply the location of the final resting place of one of their ancestors who lived in the Homestead area.

I have uploaded two versions of this index to this website: a scanned version of McFadden’s book and a corrected version in Excel spreadsheet format. The conversion of the original document into an Excel spreadsheet took many hundreds of hours because of the thousands of errors introduced by the optical character recognition software used during the scan. I spent a great deal of time correcting as many errors as I could find but there are no doubt plenty that I missed. For this reason, I advise you to download both versions of the index so that you can check the Excel spreadsheet against the original scanned document for differences. If you find an error in the Excel spreadsheet and, after viewing the original document, there is a difference, please send me an e-mail at so that I may correct the spreadsheet. If you find an error in the spreadsheet and the same error is in the original document and you know your data is correct, please let me know too. During the process of checking the spreadsheet, I found more than a few errors in McFadden’s document which may have been due to incorrect records at the cemetery office. Whatever the reason, please let me know so that future researchers don’t stumble over the same error.

The Excel workbook has 6 pages: Palms Memorial Cemetery, Section A, Section B, Section C, Section D and Palms Memorial Mausoleum. I did not make any corrections to the Mausoleum records as I found the entries in the columns very confusing. I did, however, go over Sections A, B, C, and D with the proverbial fine-toothed comb. The first sheet is the entire Palms Memorial Cemetery and the section pages are copies of what is on the first sheet. I extracted those four sections because they are the oldest sections in the cemetery and I hope to find a volunteer who will make memorials on Find A Grave for all of the burials in those sections.

The Excel spreadsheet is sorted, by default, alphabetically by surname. You may sort it any way you please. You may find, for instance, that if you sort it by burial year that some interesting demographic trends are revealed. If you make an interesting discovery, please share it with me.

Download a scanned copy of McFadden’s Naranja Cemtery index by clicking on this link:
McFadden’s Palms Memorial Park Index

Download the Excel spreadsheet of the Naranja Cemetery Index by clicking on this link:
(Link temporarily disabled on July 25, 2018 while spreadsheet is checked for errors)

Excel version of the Palms Memorial Park Index.