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Charles H. Gossman – Early Pioneer Tales — 8 Comments

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing this! Charles Gossman was my great-great grandfather and I don’t think anyone in my family has ever seen this article.

    • Charles was my great-grandfather as well. I was aware of some of these accounts through general family discussion but never realized he had written an article. This is fascinating to me. I have been meaning to go to review the audio interviews taken by Jean Taylor in the 60s I believe when she wrote a book on the area. I know there exists taped interviews with Jesse as well as his brothers. I am the great grandson of Jesse and the grandson of Charles. Thank you for your posting.

  2. Charles Gossman was my great grandfather; Jesse and Minnie Aman Gossman my maternal grandparents. So loved reading this! Visited that home as a child. Thank you!

  3. I found this so interesting. Henry Gossman was my grandfather and my father Frank Gossman would tell me about living in Silver Palm as a young boy. I have the actual homestead certificate with the signature of Theodore Roosevelt, president of the U.S. on it. My grandmother, Ellen Gossman, lived in Miami when I was a little boy; she would talk about life in Silver Palm back in the day. I found it so interesting. Thank you Jeff for this article.

  4. I’m so amazed by this article. Thank you so much for posting it. Jessie Gossman and Joseph and Alene and Craig I too am related to you all. Charles Gossman was my Mother Cecilia’s Great Grandfather and he’s my Great-great-grandfather and I know all about the history. I still have a family painting painted by Minnie Gossman. And my Mom’s telling me how you all are either my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th cousins LOL it’s hard to figure out LOL.

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